How To Connect To Wireless Router Without Knowing The Password?

Forgot your router password? Or bought a used router? No problem, whatever the reason you have for not knowing your router password.
You can still connect to the wireless router.

The easiest way to access your wireless router is by using default username and password.
That means the voyage start with hunting the default username and password. To make it easy for you to understand.

We are explaining the detailed step process in the following section.

Tracing the Router's Default Username & Password

Don't feel frightened. It is quite easy to find the default values for your router login thing. Try all these following tricks one by one.

Check the label/sticker at the bottom of your wi-fi router.
You will get the login values printed there most probably. Explore Google with your router's model name to check its manual.
You can get all router information from its manual, including the login credentials.
You can also try various possible combinations for router's default value such as

Combo 1
Username: blank, i.e., no value
Password: admin

Combo 2
Username: admin
Password: blank, i.e., no value

Combo 3
Username: admin
Password: admin

None of these worked? Seems bad day!! Anyway, don't feel disheartened. Try the next troubleshooting trick to connect to wireless router even if you didn't find your router password till now.

Factory Resetting the Router
The factory reset will take back your router to its original configuration. Where it will work on default value erasing all new settings made on it.

Following check out, how to factory Reset your Wireless router?
  • Locate that tiny "Reset Button" at back or bottom or side of your router. (location may vary model wise).
  • Press it with a pen tip or some thin object like a paper clip.
  • Keep pressing for 3-4 seconds or until your router reboots.
  • Your router will reboot at its own.
  • Wait till you see the Green stable LED light on your router.
The stable light indicated it is connected to the modem and accessing the internet. You can now try again to connect to your wi-fi router.

Tip: If you are afraid of again forgetting your new password, either do not change it or save it with you on your mobile.

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